Jenny Lavey

Jennifer R. Lavey

philanthropy management services

About Jennifer

With over twenty years of experience in the non-profit sector, Jennifer Lavey works directly and delicately with donors, foundations, corporations and non-profit organizations to achieve all types of philanthropic goals, with grace and efficiency.

Jennifer has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for social service programs such as shelters and food pantries, private foundations, religious organizations, public art installations, educational programs, and a wide variety of other national and international initiatives. In addition to having managed several historically significant capital campaigns, she has written and managed countless multi-million dollar grants from public and private foundations. She has successfully produced intimate private events, golf tournaments, festivals, virtual events, online fundraising campaigns, and formal galas netting over $1 million each.

Clients are accepted on a referral basis only and include families, individuals, corporations and private foundations. She develops personalized strategies for both short-term and long-term goals and can work with clients to develop legacy plans such as charitable trusts, endowments and/or permanent naming opportunities. On behalf of her clients, Jennifer raises money for private foundations and causes, launches corporate giving programs, arranges meaningful volunteer opportunities, and much more.

A native of the Washington DC metropolitan area, Jennifer currently lives in Beverly Hills with her husband Eric and their dog, Leo. Together, the Laveys are passionate philanthropists who focus their own giving on public access to art and music, extra-curricular scholarships for students, and safety net programs for older and disabled adults.


We are a full service philanthropy management firm who works with individuals, families, private foundations, and companies to provide necessary services to achieve short term and long term philanthropic goals. We accept a very small group of clients each year on a referral basis only so that we can continue to provide the highest level of service. Although we have an experienced team working behind the scenes, all clients work with Jennifer (Jenny) directly and exclusively.

Every client has unique needs and services provided are therefore unique to them. Our most sought after services include:

  • Matching clients with charitable organizations whose missions are aligned with their passions
  • Working with charitable organizations and individual grant recipients to evaluate the impact donor gifts made and together determining how to maximize efforts
  • Producing fundraising events for private foundations
  • Establishing corporate giving programs
  • Managing PR efforts which can range from maintaining confidentiality to promoting charitable efforts
  • Working together with accountants and business managers to maximize tax benefits
  • Developing meaningful and permanent naming opportunities
  • Finding other donors with similar goals to collaborate with
  • Managing correspondence, billing and necessary paperwork
  • Raising funds for non-profit organizations on behalf of clients
  • Memorial gift campaigns
  • Setting up meaningful volunteer opportunities for families and/or employees
  • Holiday drives and other year end specific giving needs

Unlike other philanthropic consulting firms we do not charge fees based on the dollar value of our clients donations or high hourly rates. Our fee structure is a standard fully inclusive monthly retainer.